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Taylor Irelan Interview

June was Pride month, where we celebrate diversity and inclusion. We say to our LGBTQ+ friends and family, “We hear you and we see you!” I know there is a stigma about having a month for this and a month for that, but it isn’t about celebrating one group over another. It is about acknowledging, hearing, understanding, and learning. For this month’s interview I thought I would continue the theme by interviewing a good friend of mine who celebrates his authentic self. His list of accomplishments is impressive and he has some current projects that are ground-breaking. Taylor Irelan is not only an accomplished performer but also an amazing person. This is our first featured video interview for the Flute Examiner. I wanted to keep it short and sweet but the content was so good that there wasn’t a word that I would cut! We laughed, I cried, and we had a good time. I hope that this video inspires you to be your authentic self, to be brave, bruises and all, and be who you were meant to be! Happy Pride and we love you!


Taylor Irelan’s Page

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