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“Airborn Sand” for flute by Sabrina Peña Young

Program Notes:
Airborn Sand was inspired when I spent a typical Tampa hurricane at the student center, a large building with floor-to-ceiling glass. As I watched the hurricane pass, a newscaster on the TV talked about airborne sand being whipped about on the shores and the music came to life for this delightful piece. I didn’t have my computer with me, so I painstakingly sketched the score out in pencil. Each note a grain of sand flying about. 

Performance Notes:
Performers are welcome to improvise off the notes of this piece and to interpret the notes, phrasing and markings as they wish. They can contact me directly at with any performance questions. I recommend listening to the recording to help with interpretation. 

“Airborn Sand” Perusal Score:

Website link:

Purchase link:


  1. You can download the perusal Score here:
    from the Petrucci Library. Feel free to use Airborn Sand for both performance and pedagogical use with attribution. If you wish to support my music, please feel free to reach out to me directly or simply purchase the score at Sheet Music Plus. I hope that you enjoy this delightful flute solo – Sabrina Peña Young, Composer

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