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What picc do they play?

In the world of music we frequently wonder what equipment others are using.  Is it the hope that there is a perfect instrument out there?  Do we think that having a certain make of instrument will make us popular (we play piccolo so not likely). Or, is it just our desire to simply know for the simple fact of knowing?  Well, here you go!  A very nonchalant Facebook post resulted in this feed back regarding what piccolos people are using.  Enjoy!


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 ……..a few individuals that responded to our call

Beth Chandler Cahill – Professor James Madison University – Keefe and Hammig

Julianna Nickel – Professor George Mason University – Burkart

Laurie Sokoloff – Baltimore Symphony and Peabody Conservatory – Keefe

Therese Wacker – Professor Indiana University of Pennsylvania – Burkart

Christine Erlander Beard – Roy Seaman LTD with an awesome (bocote wood) headjoint by Mancke!

Dionne Jackson – Professor University of Connecticut – Keefe

Sarah Jackson – LA Philharmonic – Keefe

Zachariah Galatis – Portland Symphony – Keefe and a Mancke headjoint!

Carole Bean – National Symphony Orchestra – Gold keyed Powell with a Burkart head, Keefe

Erica Peel – San Diego Symphony – Hammig, but recently added a Mancke headjoint.

Sarah Eckman McIver – Symphony Number One – Keefe

Leslie Marrs – Professor Drake University –  Brannen

Nan Raphael – Keefe with Modern cut head joint. Backup is a Brannen with Keefe modern/classic cut head joint.

Laurel Ann Maurer – I have 2 that I mostly use. A Burkart Elite and a Weissman/McKenna

Sarah Howard – Cocus wood Hammig

Aleksandr Haskin – Qatar Music Academy and the American School of Doha – Burkart XXV

Cynthia Rugolo – Cocuswood Brannen with Keefe headjoint and a 1945 Helmut Hammig

Phyllis Avidan Louke – Burkart

Keith Hanlon – Professor Frostburg State University – Keefe

Amanda Taylor  – co-editor of The Flute Examiner – Hammig

Shivhan Dohse – Professor Coe College – Hammig!

Lori Akins – Burkart

Stephen Kujala – Got a couple of 70’s vintage Powells, a Haynes silver cylindrical (for superhigh, super soft B’s & C’s), a Haynes Db, and I’m soon joining to modern era with a Keefe on order.

Corinna Muller – Weissman grenadilla.


What do YOU play? Comment below.


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