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Piccolo Resources

Here are a few of our favorite resources both online and in print!

Printed Methods

Mazzanti Method

The Piccolo Study Book – Patrica Morris

Practice Book for the Piccolo – Trevor Wye and Patricia Morris

Piccolo Craft – Andrew Lane

Learning the Piccolo – Clement Barone

Exercises for Piccolo – Jean-Louis Beaumadier

Piccolo! Piccolo! vols. 1 and 2 – Danielle Eden

Practical Directions for Learning the Piccolo – Ernesto Kohler

Technical Studies for Piccolo – Eugene Towarnicki

Popular Method for Piccolo – Jean-Louis Tolou


Printed Fingering and Repertoire

The Complete Piccolo



Excerpt Resources

Online List of Excerpts for Band and Orchestra

In The Limelight – Piccolo Solos and Technical Passages from the Symphonic Band Repertoire – Raphael

Orchestral Excerpts for Piccolo, with Piano Accompaniment – Rearick and Wellbaum

Practice Book for the Piccolo – Trevor Wye and Patricia Morris




Online Resources

Christine Beards Piccolo HQ

Jennifer Cluff

U.S. Army Field Band

University of Idaho

John Krell

The Piccolo Soloists – History

Piccolo Repertoire Requiring Low C


Makers of Fine Piccolos

Keefe Piccolos

Braun Piccolos

Burkart Piccolos

Hammig Piccolos

Roy Seaman Piccolos

McKenna Flutes and Piccolos



Eldred Spell

Mancke (no link for piccolo headjoints available currently)


the flute examiner

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