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When I Dream, I Dream of You” for flute & electronics (opt. live acc) by Whitney George

‘When I Dream, Dream of You’ is from the larger set ‘Solitude & Secrecy’, which was written between 2020-2021. Composed during a time when making music together was limited, I refocused my usually larger-scale compositional efforts to smaller scale works, exploring how to exercise all possible options within works for solo instruments which often involved the use of electronics. 

‘When I Dream’ is a meditation and a process piece, where the works is as much about performing for yourself as it is presenting a final product to an audience. The work encourages finding a location and time of day to record each of the meditations along with a prerecorded piano track. After the cycle of seven days of audio capturing, the work is complete. The score outlines additional live performance considerations with prerecorded tracks and loop pedals.

To listen to audio recordings of ‘When I Dream, Dream of You’ visit: https://open.spotify.com/track/37QOesI5KaXsTX2HJYN48v?si=e7b39fee869245d6 AND https://youtu.be/3kIzGu8rxHY.

The score is available for $20 at: https://www.whitneygeorge.com/home

For more information, please contact wegeorge@gmail.com. And, to explore more of Whitney George’s music visit: www.whitneygeorge.com

To view perusal score, click here.

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