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“Shenblu” by Victoria Bond

Shenglu” for flute by Victoria Bond

Shenblu was written for Carol Kniebusch, principal flutist of the Roanoke Symphony Orchestra.  As Carol was going to China to lecture and perform, I decided to write a work for her reflecting an element common to both Chinese music and American jazz – namely the pentatonic, or five-note scale.  Also, I wanted to emphasize qualities not normally associated with the flute – its earthy, animal nature.  Carol raises Pekingese show dogs, and the name of her kennel is “Shenblu”.  Assuming that this was a Chinese word, because the dogs originally came from Peking, I decided to call the piece “Shenblu”.  When I asked Carol to translate the name from the Chinese, she said, “Oh, that’s not a Chinese word at all!  It’s a name I made up from the combination of Shenendoah and Blue Ridge Mountains where my kennel is located!”  This being a “bluesy” sort of Chinese piece, the title seemed that much more appropriate!

Here is a link to an audio on YouTube: 

The score is available from Theodore Front:

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“Sheblu” Perusal Score

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