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“Orientale: i spoke to thee” for flute, voice and piano by Ellen Mandel

Orientale: i spoke to thee” for flute, voice, and piano by Ellen Mandel

“Orientale,” e.e. cummings poem, inspired me to set it music to because it suggested a musical form and feeling, and is so powerful emotionally.  Adding the flute gave it a new dimension of sound and expression, and new challenges of blending voice with flute.

To listen to a recording visit: https://ellenmandel.com/album/1460727/orientale-i-i-spoke-to-thee // https://music.apple.com/us/album/orientale-i-i-spoke-to-thee/378635289?i=378635299

The score ($7) is available at: ellenmandel.com or directly from Ellen: ellenmandel83@gmail.com

For more information, please contact ellenmandel83@gmail.com. And, to explore more of Ellen Mandel’s music visit: ellenmandel.com.

Additional notes from Ellen: “I have several other songs for voice, flute, and piano—-it’s a wonderful combination of parts, and I’m happy to share scores for perusal.“ 

For perusal score click HERE

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