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“When the Clouds Clear” (3 movements) for flute and alto flute by Alyssa Reit

About When the Clouds Clear (3 movements)

You Can’t Be Serious! is just as the name implies.

A Difference of Opinion is intended to capture a common human experience:  initially believing that all are in accord, but gradually discovering that the points of view of those involved actually differ greatly. Happily, a way to a harmonious resolution is found. 

When the Clouds Clear depicts that inner experience of starting out thinking and feeling that one knows where to go and how to get there, then finding that things are not so simple; confusion abounds! It is also about the subsequent journey into clarity. 

Alyssa Reit is an independent composer, arranger, teacher, and storyteller. Her main body of work has been creating theatrical-musical settings of myths, classic stories, and fairy tales. Her compositions and arrangements have been performed all over the world; recent highlights include performances in Italy of “The Triumph of Love” (a theatrical chamber music setting of the life of Botticelli), and commissions by the New York Scandinavian Music Festival to set new works based on H.C. Andersen stories. 



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