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Three Bagatelles From China West” for two flutes by Chen Yi

Three Bagatelles from China West (2006) 

I. Shan Ge 

II. Nai Guo Hou  

III. Dou Duo 

Commissioned by Meet the Composer for flutist Marya Martin, in the Flute Book for the 21st Century project, as a part of MTC’s New Music, New Donors program, my work Three Bagatelles from China West is written in three movements, with the original version for flute and piano, and another version for two flutes. The authentic folk music from China West has amazed and inspired the composer to write this piece, which has the folk music elements drawn from the solo piece Shange Diao played on the wind instrument Lerong, as well as the musical pattern played on the small mouth wind instrument Kouxian of the Jingpo People; the solo piece Nai Guo Hou played on the wind instrument Bawu, as well as the pitch material sung in the folk song Ashima of the Yi People; the folk song Dou Duo, as well as the sound effect of the Lusheng ensemble playing of the Miao People.

The work is dedicated to Mr. Gilbert Kaplan, a long time friend of the composer, for his tremendous support to classical music in the world, with deep admiration and respect.

The original version is for flute and piano, which is also available from Theodore Presser.

To watch a performance of Three Bagatelles from China West (performed by Mana Washio and Orlando Cela) visit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7-k-z_PBEGc&list=PLweSPkaiqSBgX2Iyn_HzAx6Evq7aiq0_f&index=91 

The score is available for purchase ($19.99) at: https://www.presser.com/414-41193b-three-bagatelles-from-china-west.html 

For more information, please contact chenyi@aol.com. And, to explore more of Chen Yi’s music visit: https://www.presser.com/chen-yi

Perusal score HERE.

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