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“Sonata in D” for flute and piano by Stefania de Kenessey

Stefania de Kenessey’s “Sonata in D” for flute and piano is a tuneful, graceful work in three movements (which may be performed separately). The piece begins gently and quietly but becomes increasingly lively as it progresses: the opening andante in D minor leads to the second allegretto grazioso in Bb major, leading to the concluding allegro vivace in D major. The themes, while varying melodically from movement to movement, all use a great deal of ornamentation by way of turns and trills, showing off the agility and sparkling tone of the flute.

The sonata was premiered by the brilliant flutist Barbara Siesel, who also produced a superb recording of the work with pianist Elisenda Fabregas:

The piece is published by Subito Music and may be purchased at:

For further information about Stefania de Kenessey’s music, please contact or visit

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