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“Sonata” for Flute and Piano by Wendy Griffiths

This work was written while I was working on my doctorate at CUNY grad center. In the first movement I explored quartal harmony and major/minor sonorities. There is a lot of imitation as well. It is episodic and the biggest challenge to the performer is to make this movement flow cohesively, The second movement is more straightforward and all triadic, there is a slow beginning A section, a faster B section then a slow end which then attaccas into the last movement.  These tempo shifts are intended to be like waves in the ocean which gather momentum and then subside. The last movement returns to the quartal harmonic idea.

At the time I composed this piece, I was regularly playing with my friend Beth Campbell, an excellent flutist who sadly died way too soon. We especially enjoyed playing the Dutilleux Sonatine.

To listen to “Sonata” visit: https://soundcloud.com/user-753828182/griffiths-sonata-for-flute-and-piano 

For more information or to purchase the $15 score, please contact Wendy directly at: dollydentist@yahoo.com. And, to explore more of Wendy Griffiths’ music visit: wendygriffithsmusic.com

To view the perusal score click here.

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