“Solitude” Suite for a Flute solo in three movements by Margarita Zelenaia

In 1997, together with my teenage son I just moved to the US, and my husband, in order to support us, continued to live and work in Russia. At that time, without friends, colleagues and relatives, without a well familiar environment, I felt quite lonely, and expressed my loneliness in the “Solitude”, suite for a Flute solo. If the first and third movements are the lyric and meditative ones, the second one is written as an almost surreal march: one, who sits alone in a mood of solitude, can imagine the shadows that wander around the room, moving from one wall to another in a strange marching rhythm, either approaching or receding.

In 2003, flutist Stefan Ragnar Hoskuldsson, gave the suite a world premiere as part of the “One World Symphony’s” (New York based group) concert series. In 2020, Pittsburgh based flutist Zoe Sorrell played it in a virtual concert.

To watch a video (7’14) visit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S2JlfUQumjA 

The score is available from Margarita. For more information, please contact: mzelenaia@nj.rr.com. And, to explore more of Margarita’s music visit: http://www.margaritazelenaia.com/

Perusal Score

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