DSC 0813 (1) Camille De Beus

preludes for wind quintet and pre-recorded voice by Camille De Beus

preludes is an exploration of combining music and writing outside of a songwriting context — something that is a continued interest of mine. The flute plays a prominent role in the wind quintet, taking the lead melodically a number of times. In many of the phrases, it cues the pre-recorded vocals. 

To watch a performance of “preludes” visit: https://youtu.be/R5FxINQpoBI

For more information or to purchase the $12 score, please contact Camille directly at: cicdebeus@gmail.com. And, to explore more of Camille De Beus’ music visit: www.camilledebeus.com

Additional notes from Camille: The text has been pre-recorded as separate cues for each “before” phrase by the composer (myself). Feel free to email me for the pre-recorded cues or to re-record them yourself. It is important that the cues are all recorded by the same person/voice for the performance.

For perusal score, click here

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