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Pamela Sklar “Flashes”

Flashes of Inspiration and Joy

Since childhood I have always felt inspired by Native American cultures. Their artistic, expressive, intuitive spiritual ways, incredible skills and natural respect for nature, animals, and their elders speaks to my soul and engages my imagination.

When I first heard of Joy Harjo, the Native American writer and artist of the Muscogee Creek Nation, I was further motivated to learn more about her. Reading her memoir Crazy Brave made such a strong impression on me, and that led to my composing Flashes of Inspiration and Joy. This composition is a tribute to her.

Early in 2019 I was delighted to have the opportunity to speak with Joy and share the 2Flutes’ recording of this composition, which is dedicated to her and featured on 2Flutes 2019 album New York Tapestries.

As a composer and flutist, my 2012 debut recording A Native American-Jazz Tribute/A Tune for America originally put me on a wonderful path to writing, playing, and recording more Native American-inspired music.

I enjoy writing for unusual combinations of instruments. Please visit my website to get a sense of what I love to do!

View a sample of the score HERE.

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Notes by Pamela Sklar

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