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Letters to Teacher


Do you have a music teacher that has made a difference in your life, inspired or motivated you? 

We would love to hear about it.  The Flute Examiner is starting a drive to collect your “Letters to Teacher,” which we will share in an upcoming issue.  We hope that this collection of letters will serve to thank all of those wonderful teachers for their years of dedication and also inspire the younger generation to make a difference.


Here is what we would like from our readers:


Write a letter to a music teacher that touched your life in someway and whom you would like thank .  All we ask that this letter be anonymous (do not include your name, their name, or any other identifying information).

Upload your letter below, or send them to

Your letters will be shared publicly on a “wall of gratitude,” and will help us celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week, May 2-6 and Teacher Appreciation Day, May 3.




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