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“Duets for a Duo” for flute and alto flute by Rain Worthington

Duets for a Duo is one of my earliest compositions notated for mixed instruments. I was especially intrigued by the sounds of close intervals, primarily minor or major seconds – between instruments. The original score was for flute and oboe, which was premiered by Row Twelve in Wellfleet, MA.

I was delighted to have the chance to rework a version for flute and alto flute for Laura Falzon and Pamela Sklar’s duo “2Flutes.”

The music is an interplay of winds through two movements (Reconsidering and Amidst Confusion) that are meant to convey two emotional reflections.

Reconsidering is a contemplative mood… a lingering premonition that something may not be what it seems and must be reconsidered on a deeper level. Followed by Amidst Confusion which reflects an emotional struggle that cannot be easily resolved amidst prevailing confusion.

To listen to previews of the recording on 2Flutes’ “New York Tapestries” album visit

Here also, is a performance by Aimee Toner and Megan Tracy at The Muse’s Voice concert, October 31, 2018, Barnard College, NYC.

The score is available at Sheet Music Plus:

For more information, please contact rainworthington@gmail. And, to explore more of Rain’s music visit

  1. Beautiful music! Thank you, Rain…..

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