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Dangerous Routines for Flute, Clarinet and Piano by Wendy Griffiths

‘Dangerous Routines’ for flute, clarinet, and piano by Wendy Griffiths

Dangerous Routines is an energetic, sometimes even hectic, piece that explores the concept of rhythmic routines and subroutines. The challenge for the performer is to make the different sections flow naturally one into the next. The piece is not unlike the life of a free-lance musician who often struggles to find continuity while running between different gigs. The last movement is an homage to Syd Barrett, of Pink Floyd, as its title suggests.

To listen to a recording of Dangerous Routines visit: https://soundcloud.com/user-753828182/dangerous-routines

The score is available for $15 at: dollydentist@yahoo.com

For more information, please contact dollydentist@yahoo.com. And, to explore more of Wendy Griffiths’s music visit: https://wendygriffithsmusic.com/home.

For a perusal score, click here.

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