ThreeNineLine Print

Chamberlain / Angelo / Matthews Release Album

Flutists Mary Matthews and Matthew Angelo and composer/flutist Nicole Chamberlain have released their debut album on the MSR Classics label. The debut album titled Three-Nine Line features Chamberlain’s solo and chamber works for flute and piccolo. Each work explores percussive effects, beat-boxing, and the numerous technical and expressive abilities of the flute and piccolo.

Tracks include Three-Nine Line for flute and piano, Orion’s Belt and Percolate for three flutes, Chatter and In Cahoots for two flutes, Asphyxia for solo flute, Smorgasbord for solo flute and piccolo, and Lilliputian for piccolo and music box. Several of these works have been awarded prizes by the National Flute Association and the Flute New Music Consortium. The album can be ordered at It will also be available to download digitally during the Spring of 2018.

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