Infographic: What was told to you when forming your embouchure?

About 5  years ago I did a survey of how flutists were taught to make a sound on the flute. Below are some of the findings from the survey question “What was told to you when forming your embouchure?”


26% of flutists did not recall. A few reported they found their initial embouchure by trial and error. From all the responses, the majority were told one of the following:

  • Relax, flatten, or pout
  • Blow on a coke bottle
  • Smile or tighten embouchure
  • Form a small hole
  • Put lips together and blow
  • Form Lips in the shape of an oval
  • Blow across the embouchure hole
  • Spit rice or paper off the end of tongue


the flute examiner


How were you told to form your embouchure? Comment below.

  1. Great stuff Amanda thank you.

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