Worthington HS Apr 24

Jilted Tango for Alto Flute and Piano by Rain Worthington

I enjoy composing works for two instruments and love exploring the interplay between different instruments and timbres – sometimes the intertwining involves close overlapping of ranges, while other times I stage the relationships for contrast between distant registers. 

When choosing flute as one of the voices for these chamber duets, I am especially drawn to the rich round tone quality of alto flute. I love blending the warmth of the alto flute, often in proximity to similar registers.

In writing “Jilted Tango” I wanted to convey a kind of languid fluidity between the solo voice and the piano, yet also infuse the music with a slight sense of haltingness and hesitation. My program note simply describes the music as “The give and take/push and pull in a dance of love.” 

I am happy that this work has inspired performances in many iterations of instrument combinations. My website includes audio for two of the different versions for solo string and piano.

To watch a performance of Jilted Tango visit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6XFxX12duLo 

To listen to a recording visit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b8sZ7DUj4lM 

The score is available for purchase ($15) at: https://rainworthington.com/works-catalog/jilted-tango-wind-and-piano/

For more information, please contact rainworthington@gmail.com. And, to explore more of Rain Worthington’s music visit: https://rainworthington.com

From Rain Worthington: “Thank you for the opportunity to share ‘Jilted Tango’ with the Flute Examiner audience. I would appreciate hearing about any performances of this version for alto flute and piano.”

For a perusal score, click here.

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