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Field Trip: “About Vibrato” with Troy Paolantonio

Hi Flutists! Ai Goldsmith and the Flute Examiner go on a field trip to meet Troy Paolantonio and get a lowdown on how Troy produces beautiful vibrato on the upper register. The Paolantonio “Hee Haw” (so nicknamed by our friend Heidi) is the key to unlocking the vibrato on the upper register.

About Ai Goldsmith

Ai is fascinated by all things beautiful and creative, including the lives of people and their thoughts. The flute is Ai’s ticket to the grand tour of the world—a ticket that unlocks gates, doors, and windows to places and hearts. Beauty, creativity, passion, wisdom, truth and courage are the landmarks that capture her attention the most. Ai joins the team at The Flute Examiner to share the souvenirs she finds on her grand tour with each reader.

The flute brings Ai invitations to perform as a solo and chamber music artist internationally, including the British Flute Society Convention, Canadian Flute Convention, and by the Hake-no-michi Society/Primavera String Quartet in Tokyo, Japan. In the United States, she is invited as a guest artist at events (such as the Flute Day at University of Nevada, Reno), and presents recitals at festivals and universities (including the NFA Conventions, University of California Davis, and Middle Tennessee State University).

As an educator, Ai presents workshops and masterclasses at universities, festivals, music organizations, and schools as a guest artist. She also offers private flute lessons in Cupertino, California. Interested to learn more? Please visit Ai at www.FlutistAi.com.

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