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“Little Heroes” of Flute Maintenance

Happy Holidays, everyone!
We at Flute Examiner believe that a clean instrument plays the best. Some of the most humble household items are heroes when it comes to keeping our instruments shiny and clean.

This video is most suitable for band directors, music teachers, and beginning flutists, and anyone else who wants to know little time saving tricks to keep your flute super clean.

FlutyHacks is a mini-series of short educational videos providing hints for practicing, teaching, playing, and all sorts of hacks to improve the lives of flutists young to experienced. Videos are suitable for students – teachers – flute aficionados.

– Ai Goldsmith


6 comments on ““Little Heroes” of Flute Maintenance

  1. What are your thoughts about swabbing the inside of the flute with rubbing alcohol. Thanks

    • Ai Goldsmith

      Dear Chuck,

      I think it is unnecessary to swab the inside of the flute with alcohol if you are swabbing out the flute after each use, provided that your swab itself is clean. (Better to clean the swab than to use alcohol…)
      However, I think you can do it once in a great while under special circumstances, such as if you rescue an old flute from a rummage sale or someone’s attic. My concern would be getting alcohol onto the pads from the inner side, depending on how much alcohol is on the swab and how much the swab “bulks” out toward the pads from the chimney of the tone holes.

      I confess I have done this twice: once when I as a really young and lazy flute student because there was something growing inside the flute, and once again as a teacher on a student flute that had some things growing on the inside of the tube when I happened to examine it.
      Best Wishes,

    • Ai Goldsmith

      Chuck, I checked with master flute technician Paul Rabinov and he confirms: “[Ai] you are correct, there shouldn’t be any need to sterilize as the moisture that accumulates is condensation.” Cheers!

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