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Are you the kind of person who likes to turn a challenge into an opportunity?  

This month’s edition of the Flute Examiner is full of good advice, including articles about building your dream career, managing the requirements of playing piccolo in marching band vs. concert band, managing stage fright, and using your arms in a healthier, more efficient way.

In each case, our contributors offer step-by-step ideas to turn the situation around. Having that ability to look at a challenge and turn it into steps to lead you toward a solution is a vital life skill, and we hope that these articles will give you some food for thought in that direction!

- The Flute Examiner Team


In This Edition

image Nerves of Steel

Yesterday, I found myself having a very familiar conversation with a young student who has a playing test in her band class today. She was nearly hysterical about the prospect…

image Nicole Riccardo: How To Create Your Dream Career

Throughout my entire education, both undergraduate and graduate years, I had overwhelming anxiety about what would happen once I graduated and had to enter the real world. “What am I…

image Missing Pieces of the Whole Arm

I worked with some high school students at a summer camp earlier this summer and it was no surprise to me that several of them were already dealing with pain…

image 9mm Piccolo Player – Marching Band vs. Concert Band

’Tis the season for football games, homecoming parades, and drastic weather changes. This is also the time of year when many younger players are asked to play in a variety…

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