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Dear Readers,

It hardly seems that it has been a year since our last piccolo edition! What better way to bring in the spring flowers and sunshine than with an entire edition dedicated to the "little flute." I'll admit, this issue is always a double-edged sword for me. Trying to narrow down the topics to only a handful is challenging, to say the least. This year, I invited a new piccolo colleague, Rose Bishop, to help tackle the issue.
The edition offers an interview with Erica Peel, piccolo with the Philadelphia Symphony Orchestra. We also get a little "nerdy" about the piccolo family history, and Rose offers some pointers for "On Wings of Song" by Eric Ewazen. Piccolo composer extraordinaire Nicole Chamberlain offers advice for her work, "Death Whistle." This issue wouldn't be complete without some helpful and healthful suggestions for hearing protection by Kelly Mollnow Wilson.
As always, it is sincerely my pleasure to share with you my love of the piccolo through this year's piccolo edition!
Keith and the Flute Examiner Team
image Erica Peel – Sound Advice

Interview by Rose Bishop RB: What advice do you have for someone taking their first professional audition? EP: Although I’m sure there exist musicians who win their first audition, that…

image Piccolo Playing and Noise Induced Hearing Loss

As piccolo players, we know that the piccolo produces some very high, very loud sounds. Most of us know that noise induced hearing loss (NIHL) is something that affects all…

image Ewazen Piccolo Concerto Performance Guide Movements 1 & 2

On Saturday, October 13th, 2018, I had the privilege to perform Eric Ewazen’s On Wings of Song for Piccolo and Wind Ensemble at Culver-Stockton College, where I have been teaching…

image Piccolo Method Books – Part II

Piccolo! Piccolo! – Book 1 and Book 2 Dr. Danielle Eden is a graduate of the Royal Academy of Music, the University of London, and the Sydney Conservatorium of Music.…

image Coming to Terms with Death Whistle – A Composer’s View

Coming to Terms with Death Whistle The piccolo is notorious in the orchestra for its incredibly high pitches, and gets a bad rap for intonation issues. It takes a brave…

image Piccolo History – A Brief Lineage of the Small Flute

The history of the flute can be traced back to 43,000 year old bones from a mute swan found in Geissenklösterle cave, in Germany. It is suggested that these first…

image Orchestral Auditions – Piccolo Edition

Taking any audition can be a daunting task that requires a particular set of skills outside of just being a great flutist. The audition process works like this: you send…

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