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Dear Readers,

This month, we feature an interview with one of the greatest, most creative flutists around: Robert Dick. He was interviewed by one of his former students, Melissa Keeling, who is making a name for herself as a performer, recording artist and composer, and in both the questions he answered for her, and the questions she answered for me, there is much inspiration to be found!

We also have an article from Amanda, encouraging crossover of techniques from her elementary music classroom to the private teaching studio to help young students learn to understand and differentiate between rhythm and beat. Kelly’s monthly column deals with ways to protect against right hand pain, and we feature another emerging artist, Ayça Cetin, whose article shares her observations on starting chamber groups and finding a variety of venues for a thriving performing life. Happy February, Flute Examiner community!



In This Edition

image Make Yourself Who You Are: Robert Dick On Creativity

Guest Post by Melissa Keeling   Robert Dick is an American composer, improviser, flutist, teacher, inventor. A graduate of Yale University, in 1975 he published The Other Flute, the seminal…

image Chamber Music Observations by Ayça Cetin

I’ve been part of several chamber groups, both before I came to the US and after I first moved here in 2011, but Duo Esplanade has been very special and…

image Why So Many Flutists Have Right Hand Pain

Many times, I find myself working with talented flutists on a short term basis, either as a substitute teacher, a clinician, a body mapping teacher, or during lessons at a…

image Developing great timing with simple exercises Part I: Visual Manipulatives

Timing is everything... or so they say. Just like comedians, musicians must master the art of delivery. This article presents some solutions to developing a sense of beat and rhythm…

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