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We hope this newsletter finds you well. As you might have noticed, we delayed our October edition because of Hurricane Florence. As we close out 2018, we hope you and your loved ones have found peace and have been untouched by recent tragedies in California, Florida, the Carolinas and beyond. We are thankful for our family of readers and extend our gratitude for all the support this past year!

This month we have a short but beautiful potpourri of articles featuring an interview with piccolo player Christie Beard. Christie lends a glimpse into her experiences as a professional musician whose interests were often off the beaten path.

Kelly Mollnow Wilson offers an insightful discussion about why musicians deal with anxiety on a day-to-day basis. We also highlight two experimental classical chamber music ensembles from Nashville and Memphis, Tennessee. Flutists Jenny Davis and Celine Thackston discuss the ins-and-outs of being performers and advocates of experimental chamber music.

Lastly, we are now accepting your submissions! If you're interested, please visit our new submissions page for further details.

- Amanda and The Flute Examiner Team


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image Great Expectations

In the past week, I’ve been incredibly fortunate to teach students from three different collegiate music programs in two different states. The programs are completely different in terms of size,…

image Forging a Path for New Music

Guest Post Almost all of us will, at some point, probably try to start something. It could be that we see a need for the arts in our community that we can…

image Christie Beard – History in the Making

Most flutists are familiar with the piccolo and have a love/hate relationship with the instrument. When we hear the word “piccolo,” many of us think of cold and rainy marching…

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