This month we thought it would be fun to interview four individuals who have strong ties to the world of the piccolo.  We asked all four of them the same questions so that we could compare their unique and individual answers.  There were so many options when it came to choosing who we wanted to interview and narrowing it down was difficult. We decided on a performer, a teacher, a composer, and a maker.

We knew that these categories would provide some interesting angles but also, they are so completely intertwined and one couldn’t exist without the other.  Ultimately, we chose the individuals because of their specific contributions to the piccolo and It didn’t hurt that they are also our friends!


Daniel Dorff – Composer
Sarah Jackson – Performer
NIcola 3
Nicola Mazzanti – Teacher
Jim Keefe – Technician/Manufacturer

the flute examiner

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  1. Brian Sanborn

    Could you please add me to your Mailing list. Your webpage seems to be not working. Nothing happens when I click on the “Subscribe” button.

    • Brian, thank you for letting us know. I have added you to the subscription and we will take care of the problem. Thank you for your interest!

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