The Flute Examiner is a labor of love. We spend a lot of time interviewing, writing articles, and thinking about how we can energize the flute community.

Why are we asking for donations?

  • We want to expand our content offerings (explore different mediums — video & audio),
  • pay guest writers for their time (to cultivate the best content possible),
  • and diversify our outreach.


Both Keith and Amanda realize we are only as good as our readers — please let us know you enjoy what we’re doing! For the price of a cup of coffee every month, we will be able to continue with our efforts.


***Donate either once, or pledge to donate monthly. Our donors will be added to a “founders” email list that will go out quarterly. The email will share what we do with donated money (an detailed expense list), plans for the future, and other exciting news! If you donate $12 reoccurring, you will receive a limited edition glass water bottle with The Flute Examiner logo.


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